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Workshops at GSS

Demo Reel Class

Do you have a Demo Reel? Does it represent the full potential of your talent?
First impressions are everything. It's imperative your Demo Reel can be viewed by a Casting Director, Agent, or Manager in 60 seconds and they could say “I need to work with this actor!”

Commercial Audition Workshop with John Fulton

Teaching you to be your authentic self right from the start in any given situation and how to adapt when it instantly changes in person or on Zoom.
Using Graham Shiels Studios techniques, improv, and of course A LOT of buttons, we’ll learn the tone and feel of campaigns quickly with confidence and how to make familiar ones fresh. John teaches you when to make giant choices and when to do absolutely nothing. From those pesky heavy dialogue self tapes to the group zoom callback, the goal is to give the best tape possible every time so you keep getting called back with more Casting Directors. 
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