Scene Study does not require The Lab as a pre-requisite

Scene Study Classes

Teaches a step by step process designed to release the actor's instrument (body, imagination, and voice) into the given circumstances. Each actor will learn how to cultivate the story while also releasing what is unique and authentic about him or her. Through script analysis, improvisation, and a system of exercises the actor will learn how to make personal choices that breathe life into the world the writer has created. Ongoing Scene Study class does not require The Lab as a pre-requisite.

Class Breakdown

Initial Price:

  • $650 for 8 classes

Ongoing Price (after your initial 8):

  • $295 for 4 classes or $550 for 8 classes


  • Foundational Scene Study

    • Tuesdays at 11am with Selina Kaye

  • Advanced Scene Study

    • Sundays at 6pm with Desean K. Terry

Other info:

  • Maximum 8 participants.

  • Class meets once per week.

  • Sunday's Scene Study Acting Class does not require The Lab as a pre-requisite.

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