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Teaching you to be your authentic self right from the start in any given situation and how to adapt when it instantly changes in person or on Zoom. Using Graham Shiels Studios techniques, improv, and of course A LOT of buttons, we’ll learn the tone and feel of campaigns quickly with confidence and how to make familiar ones fresh. John teaches you when to make giant choices and when to do absolutely nothing. From those pesky heavy dialogue self tapes to the group zoom callback, the goal is to give the best tape possible every time so you keep getting called back with more Casting Directors. 

John Fulton Commercial Audition Acting Class

"Commercials are always new and changing rapidly. I want people to feel comfortable with those changes and to give the best auditions and callbacks they can with an energy that tells the client they're going to be making the right move if they pick you. This will be very different than a theatrical class but we can use Graham Shiels Studios techniques of stillness, specificity, and reversals inside commercial class to give a real, grounded performance inside the wacky fresh world of commercials."

- JOHN FULTON, Commercial Instructor

John Fulton shooting another commercial and teaching the workshop at Graham Shiels Studios

Class Breakdown


  • Three Mondays 7pm to 10pm **Please email to enquire here.


  • $180/3 Classes

What will you be doing?:

  • First Class:

    • Self Tape Audition the night before class starts .

    • In class audition and callback that focuses on blocking, choices and buttons.

    • Review of self tape. 

    • Analysis of the audition ticket. 

    • 3 hours long 

  • Second Class​:

    • In class Zoom Audition and callback. 

    • Understanding sight lines, working in groups and set ups. 

    • Working with directors in zoom callbacks. 

    • 3 hours long

  • Third Class:​

    • Self tape audition the night before class starts. 

    • In class audition and callback that focuses on heavy dialogue, chemistry and energy.

    • Review of self tape. 

    • After the audition: Handling of bookings, fittings, on set and unexpected problems. 

    • 3 hours long 

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