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Demo Reel Class at Graham Shiels Studios
Graham Shiels Studios Professional Actor Training

Demo Reel Class at Graham Shiels Studios

Demo Reel Class

Do you have a demo reel? Does it represent the full potential of your talent? First impressions are everything. It's imperative your Demo Reel can be viewed by a Casting Director, Agent, or Manager in 60 seconds and they can say "I need to work with this actor!"
Alex Ross
What is the Demo Reel Class?
  • Let us help you create a brand new demo reel or update and add variety to an existing reel in our Demo Reel Class. This is far more important than any headshot! Your reel will allow industry professionals to quickly see your "essence" on camera.

  • In this 4 week class, you'll have the opportunity to work ON-SET and acquire usable footage to help develop and showcase your talent. 

  • This class is also perfect for those actors who have already been compiling material for a Film/TV demo, but are missing certain types of roles.

  • Similar services in Los Angeles will run you $700 to $1,800 and up--and that's without the coaching and direction!

GSS Instructor Alex Ross BTS
Selina Kaye in The CW's Dynasty teaches the Demo Reel Class in Los Angeles at Graham Shiels Studios
Class Breakdown


  • 4 consecutive Saturdays: 1st three are 5pm - 8pm, the fourth Saturday is our 12hr shoot day from 8am to 8pm (you would only be called for a two-hour portion of this day). 


  • $595 per scene for in-studio GSS actors. $645 for those not in-studio. Two actors may share this cost.

What you will be doing:  

  • First Class

    • Bringing in scene selections, partnered up. We will help you choose which scene to do.

  • Second Class​

    • Rehearsing and blocking the scene.

  • Third Class

    • Final rehearsal with a dress rehearsal run-through with the Director of Photography.

  • Fourth Class​

    • On-set production day at the studio in Burbank​!


  • Limited to 9 scenes/up to 18 actors

Vaal English and Anthony Bouzada.jpg
Graham on set of Olympus with camera crew
Alex Ross on set teacher of the Demo Reel Class in Los Angeles at Graham Shiels Studios
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