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How to find the Joy in Auditioning

Auditioning is a brutal process for actors. We get passed over for roles for any number of different reasons. And now in the self-taping era, it can almost feel like our tapes are being sent into the void, with no concrete proof that casting or production ever watched them. If you've ever felt this way & are suffering from audition burnout, here are a few suggestions to help regain the joy of your process!

  • Remember why you started acting in the first place. What made you want to perform? Was it a particular show you saw? A feeling in your gut? What was the driving force that led you to this point? A refresher on this might help you reset your love of the process.

  • Don't stress yourself out over booking the job. Try to focus on the work itself. Character work, choices, objectives, actions, etc. are what you have control over. Whatever your acting process may be, let that be where you focus your attention. Immersing yourself in the world of the character instead of fretting over getting the job can help you find that joy again.

  • Treat yourself after an audition. Take yourself out to eat, watch your guilty pleasure show, do whatever brings you comfort! Auditions are stressful for everyone, and require us to perform our best under often times inopportune circumstances. It's important that you reward yourself with whatever brings you happiness after the fact. Remember, experiencing life to the fullest will only make you a better actor.

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