Extensive on-camera professional experience meets Yale School of Drama classical training to get you BOOKING from the callback to a lifelong career! Film & TV Ongoing Acting classes at GSS Los Angeles provide a rich atmosphere to expand your imagination. Our acting classes create the experience of performing in front of friends in a warm, intimate venue. Your confidence will build and this confidence translates to your audition rooms. Our focus is to help you release your unique gifts as a performer, to learn the lines so that you may forget them, so that you're surprising yourself in the moment with your thought making your acting FUN again! GSS acting students receive training from currently working Television and Film actors with extensive experience in the field. This combination of the finest classical training and extensive professional experience in our faculty is rare! As the late Earle R. Gister, legendary acting teacher of the Yale School of Drama, said: "in the end, all an acting teacher can give you is an aesthetic." Study with master teachers who are professional actors CURRENTLY working in Film and Television industry and know its aesthetic!


- Graham Shiels: MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama

Film & TV

with Graham Shiels, Crystal Lowe, Selina Kaye, and Alex Ross

Acting classes that focus exclusively on currently casting material from Television and Film--keep it relevant and current. Work on brand new material every week--learn to prepare thoroughly with limited time as in the profession. Get on your feet every week--acting is a visceral art form, not visual or auditory. Get on camera every week--bio-feedback is essential to your craft. When you can audition with confidence you will earn more and more chances to play! 

Ongoing Film & TV Classes

$280/4 or $490/8 Classes

Maximum 10 participants in class 

Class meets once per week. Classes run 2.5hrs.

  • Mondays by Invite Only 4pm PST with Graham Shiels

  • Mondays by Invite Only 7pm PST with Graham Shiels

  • Tuesdays Advanced Film & TV 11am PST with Crystal, Selina & Alex

  • Tuesdays by Invite Only 4pm PST with Graham Shiels

  • Tuesdays by Invite Only 7pm PST with Graham Shiels

  • Wednesdays Professional 4pm PST with Crystal, Selina & Alex

  • Wednesdays Professional 7pm PST with Crystal, Selina & Alex 

  • Thursdays by Invite Only 12noon PST with Graham & Crystal

  • Thursdays Advanced Film & TV 4pm PST with Selina Kaye & Alex Ross

  • Thursdays Advanced Film & TV 7pm PST with Selina Kaye & Alex Ross

  • Fridays Advanced Film & TV 2:30pm PST with Crystal, Selina & Alex

If you wish to attend the FREE audit of our Film & TV Acting Class Tuesdays at 6:45pm PST, please click below and we'll get back to you ASAP.