Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and California Governor Gavin Newsom's mandate, Graham Shiels Studios is now offering online acting classes available to currently and formerly enrolled students only. New students must wait until we are out of the pandemic protocols to start at our acting studio. These Classes will follow suit with the focus of the work as outlined below. To note:

Online On-Camera Acting Classes

-- two hours in length

-- maximum of 8 participants

-- working from recent casting sides from Television & Film

-- $140 for 4 consecutive weekly classes (meeting once per week)

Classes available daily. Inquire to or (323) 230-0139

"Extensive on-camera professional experience meets Yale School of Drama classical training to get you BOOKING from the callback to a lifelong career! Graham Shiels Studios provides a rich atmosphere to expand your imagination. Our Acting Classes create the experience of performing in front of friends in a warm, intimate venue. This feeling of confidence will transmute to your audition rooms. Our focus is to help you release your unique gifts as a performer. We look forward to your SUCCESS, seeing you book, and helping you achieve what you already know is your full potential!"

-- Graham Shiels 

Film & TV 

with Graham Shiels & Crystal Lowe

Focus exclusively on currently casting material from Television and Film--keep it relevant and current. Work on brand new material every week--learn to prepare thoroughly with limited time like in the profession. Get on your feet every week--acting is a visceral art form, not visual or auditory. Get on camera every other week--bio-feedback is essential to your craft. When you can audition with confidence you will earn more and more chances to play! 

with Desean K Terry

Scene Study 

Teaches a step by step process designed to release the actor's instrument (body, imagination, and voice) into the given circumstances. Each actor will learn how to cultivate the story while also releasing what is unique and authentic about him or her. Through script analysis, improvisation, and a system of exercises the actor will learn how to make personal choices that breathe life into the world the writer has created. Ongoing Scene Study class does not require The Lab as a pre-requisite.

Step 1: How to get in class

All entering students to GSS Film & TV acting classes will take The Lab. Imagine the experience of three years of classical theatre training at the Yale School of Drama or The Juilliard School along with thousands of auditions and hundreds of union Network and Studio bookings packed into three five-hour classes. That's GSS's The Lab...

What is the Lab?

  • A series of three consecutive, five-hour Saturday classes 11am to 4pm.

  • Introduction to the aesthetics of the studio.

  • Introduction to techniques taught at the Yale School of Drama as well as many more.

  • Introduction to all instructors of Graham Shiels Studios.

  • Exercising the four sources of acting: Physical, Emotional, Instinctual, and Intellectual.

  • You will build a foundation technique that will translate into immediate results in your auditioning and acting. 

  • After completion of The Lab the student will be offered an appropriate place in our ongoing classes that will push them further in their craft.

       Cost: $450

If you wish to attend a FREE class/info session for our Film & TV classes--Tuesdays from 5pm to 6:30pm--or audit our Sunday Scene Study class--Sundays at 4:45pm--Please click below and leave your contact info. We'll get back to you ASAP.

Ongoing Film & TV Acting Classes (after The Lab): $280/4 or $490/8

Mondays 7pm Film & TV with Graham Shiels

Tuesdays 11am Film & TV with Crystal Lowe

Tuesdays 7pm Film & TV with Graham Shiels

Wednesdays 7pm Film & TV with Graham Shiels & Crystal Lowe

Thursdays 7pm Film & TV with Graham Shiels & Crystal Lowe

Fridays 11am Film & TV with Crystal Lowe

Initial Scene Study Acting Classes: $650/8

Ongoing Scene Study Acting Classes (after initial 8): $295/4 or $550/8

* Sunday's Scene Study Acting Class does not require The Lab as a pre-requisite

Sundays 2pm Scene Study with Desean K Terry

Sundays 5pm Scene Study with Desean K Terry

If you know you'd already like to enroll then click below...


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